1927 Holt Prototype Trailer

1927 Holt Prototype Trailer 1927 Holt Prototype Trailer 1927 Holt Prototype Trailer

This is possibly the oldest travel trailer in the world that has never been used. It began as a homebuilt project in 1927 by Mr. Holt of western Pennsylvania and was completed and registered by him in 1935. He never used it for its intended purpose but instead, the trailer sat in his barn for a lifetime (the grandchildren remember using it as a playhouse). Mr. Holt passed away in the 1960‘s but the family property and barn stayed in the family until 2009; that’s 82 years for the trailer at the same location in the barn!

Vintage trailer historian and enthusiast Steven Katkowsky saw the trailer while driving on vacation with his wife Jenay, and asked the family if it was for sale. They said no but he persisted and awhile later, the trailer was on its way to his property in Santa Cruz County. Mr. Katkowsky did 99% of the restoration himself.

The inside of the trailer has its original furniture, fixtures and fittings. The interior is similar to a private parlor railroad car and its beautiful rear balcony is reminiscent of the vestibule cars from the great trains of that era. This unique piece of travel trailer history was donated to in April 2019 to The Murphy Auto Museum by Steven and Jenay Katkowsky. We are grateful to them for their generous donation so that others may enjoy this unique piece of Americana and travel trailer history.

Auto Spec Sheet

Year: 1927
Make: Holt
Model: Prototype (Only one made)
Style: Travel Trailer
Length: 20'


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