1966 Litecloud Station Wagon Camper

1966 Litecloud Station Wagon Camper

If you grew up in America in the 1950‘s through 1970‘s, you rode in a station wagon. Station wagons; ungainly, gas guzzling rattletraps that were up to nineteen feet long and could hold 9 people and lots of cargo. In 1932, Detroit built just 1,418 wagons. By 1946, 29,000 and a decade later, 707,200. By their peak in 1965, Detroit produced 968,771 station wagons.

With so many station wagons on the road, some entrepreneur was bound to come up with a way to let those American’s enjoy their wagon for family camping. That problem was solved by the Litecloud Company of Des Moines, Iowa. They manufactured a station wagon camper made from fiberglass that attached to the gutter rail of the station wagon. The back end rested on the open tailgate, and there was a passage between the camper and the vehicle’s cargo area. Four could sleep in the top of the camper, and there was a full kitchen with stove, oven, sink, icebox, stored water or city water supply. There was small storage for clothes and personal items. The camper had hydraulic jacks for easy mounting and removal; long stays in a campground meant the family could quickly detach the camper and enjoy the sights in the family’s station wagon.

It is not known how many Litecloud campers were produced, but the number is probably very low. This rare station wagon camper is part of our permanent collection and we are glad to stage and show it.

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