1968 Porsche 911L


Three new variations of the Porsche 911 appeared during 1968: two for Europe, one for the United States, and both part of a Porsche 911 updating designated “A-Series.” The American model was the Porsche 911L, which replaced the standard issue just after the start of the model year. The “L” stood for “Luxus” or Luxury and was basically a Porsche 911S model with the normal-tune engine. This was an up-market move for Porsche, selling the classic Porsche 911L for $600 more than the previous year’s 911.

There were also new modifications made to meet 1968’s new federal safety and emissions standards. Because of those regulations, these United States 1968 Porsche models can de distinguished by add-on side marker lights that are not integrated into the wrapped taillight and parking-lamp clusters.

Only a total of 11,610 911L’s were ever produced, and they all feature production dates after October 1967. Considered to be a very rare find, the 1968 Porsche 911L also came with a soft rear window Targa option. Many new safety features were rolled out in 1968 including lower door opening buttons, matt windscreen wipers to reduce the risk of dazzling, optional belt fastening in the boot, larger outside mirrors, rubber ash tray handles, composite glass windscreen with increased strength, dazzle-free flexible dashboard, halogen headlights, wider wheel rims, and a dual circuit braking system.

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